Formed in 2018, the centenary of the death of the French composer Claude Debussy, Eddie Parker's Debussy Mirrored Ensemble is both a celebration of and a creative response to the composer's legacy.

Eddie Parker has spent his life immersed in music - absorbing, creating , teaching, inspiring, and building trust and respect in a wide range of musical genres as a musician and composer. Eddie has handpicked this 12 piece ensemble to turn his creative vision into reality. These musicians, from classical, jazz and improvisation disciplines, collaborate to transform a dozen of Debussy's pieces into something incredibly unique, powerful and contemporary whilst capturing the revolutionary spirit of Debussy. We hope that you will join us on our adventure.

Please explore our website for behind the scenes sounds, images and observations as the project unfolds, follow us on facebook and share with other music lovers. For the full experience, do not miss out on a rare opportunity to see us play live at performances across the UK. Our first CD will be available soon.

“An achievement to rival Debussy’s own” London Jazz News