THE Ensemble


 “most of the musicians I know take it for granted that we need to know about Otis Redding, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Charlie Parker, Bela Bartok…”

Soft Machine, drummer, Robert Wyatt, 1968

Famously, Debussy never wanted followers or imitators, and yet his music is enormously influential and has gone deep into our sensibilities. This unique new ensemble shows how important this influence is not only for composers but for improvisers too. Some are experts in their own fields; some are experienced in the business of cross-disciplinary exchange. Some are well established, others are rising stars, all have remarkable contributions to make.

   Eddie Parker    Composer, flutes

Eddie Parker Composer, flutes

   Alcyona Mick    piano

Alcyona Mick piano

   Gareth Lockrane    flutes

Gareth Lockrane flutes

   Rowland Sutherland    flute

Rowland Sutherland flute

   James Gilchrist    voice

James Gilchrist voice

   Martin France    drums

Martin France drums

   Jan Hendrickse    flute, nay

Jan Hendrickse flute, nay

   Brigitte Beraha    voice

Brigitte Beraha voice

   Imogen Ridge    harp

Imogen Ridge harp

   Steve Watts    bass

Steve Watts bass

   Simon Limbrick    vibes + percussion

Simon Limbrick vibes + percussion

   James Allsopp    clarinet, bass clarinet

James Allsopp clarinet, bass clarinet